Working at Kearns & Co.

We all work together to get the job done. Yes, sometimes it can be demanding but even on the busiest days you can still hear laughs in our office. We believe that it is possible to work hard and have fun.  Your attitude towards others is just as important to us as your experience and skills. That makes our team work effectively.


We know that you have demands outside of work and we do our best to be flexible so you can take care of the things that come up.


We want you to be a valuable member of our team. The more you know how to do, the more valuable you are. We stay committed to helping you grow as an employee and a person.

Extra Perks

Sure free coffee is great, fun staff parties and year-end bonuses are good too, but the staff getaways are simply amazing. The staff has been taken on cruises, to Mexican all inclusive resorts, and even an unforgettable New York trip. These team building trips don’t happen every year but they do happen.

We are always looking for exceptional team members, if you would like to join our Kearns family please send your resume to

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